New Franchised Distributor for NDK Crystal

We are happy to announce that SeSemi Electronics is now a franchised distributor for NDK Crystal. We will be distributing their full range of products to customers in the UK and Scandinavia.

  NDK Crystal

(Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co.,Ltd)

NDK is a major manufacturer and supplier of crystal devices with a vast array of applications that are essential components in virtually all electronic equipment.

NDK Manufactures and supplies highly accurate, high reliability crystal products using advanced technology and thorough quality control. SeSemi Electronics can supply the following devices from NDK and more.


Crystal Units

Crystal Clock Oscillators

Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillators (SPXO)

Crystal Filters Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCXO) High Precision Oscillators


To discuss this range further please email our sales team today or call +44 (0)1264 731009.

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