CAP-XX supercapacitors are high power energy storage devices, designed to overcome the power constraints of batteries and other current-limited energy sources.Image result for cap-xx prismatic

The supercapacitors are exceptionally thin (as little as 0.6mm), but have more than 100x the energy density of conventional capacitors.

With their unique combination of high power, high energy and a thin, flat, small form factor, supercapacitors can deliver peak power, backup power and power storage.

With a supercapacitor at the heart of the power supply, electronics engineers can reduce the size, cost and weight of the battery and other DC:DC components, and negate the current-limitations of alkaline batteries, coin cell batteries, thin film / solid state batteries, USB ports and energy harvesting transducers. And by maintaining constant power through voltage fluctuations and outages, they will protect your valuable data and ensure system integrity at all times.

CAP-XX Supercapacitors provide:

  • High power output to support peak current loads (exceptionally low ESR)
  • On-board energy storage to handle power surges (high capacitance and energy density)
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Very low leakage current (<1uA)
  • The smallest, thinnest product available on the market for any given ESR and capacitance


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ISO 9001-2015 Certified
UL Certified
RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
No Conflict Metals
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