Image result for cap-xx prismaticThe CAP-XX Prismatic range of Supercapacitors provide a low profile, small foot print and low impedance solution to the power and performance limitations of batteries and other current-limited energy sources.

With built-in award-winning technologies, these Prismatic Supercapacitors deliver a combination of high capacitance and low equivalent series resistance (ESR). This produces very high energy density and power density, in a small, wafer-thin and lightweight package.

When used in conjunction with a low power energy source such as an energy harvester and/or low power battery, this range of Supercapacitors enables extended backup time, longer battery life, and the provision of peak power as required.

Main features

  • Very small low profile footprint
  • High pulse power capability
  • Very low ESR
  • Low leakage current
  • Operates across a wide temperature range (-40° to +70°C)
  • Meets environmental standards for disposal/operation RoHs.

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