SeSemi Electronics take every step to supply product through fully authorized channels. On rare occasions when a products availability is affected by obsolescence, allocation or generally becomes difficult to purchase, it may only be possible to supply a component via secondary sources. In order to continually support your products long term life cycle, we provide an outsourced Counterfeit Protection testing service to eliminate the risk when dealing with such scenarios.

We have the market knowledge and worldwide contacts to obtain obsolete or hard to find components through our approved supplier network, which we then put through an authenticity testing process that we call our Counterfeit Protection service.

The components are put through a range of tests to obtain full confidence about their authenticity prior to any product being shipped to our customers.

Our Counterfeit Plan consists of 3 different levels –

Counterfeit Protection Counterfeit Protection Plus+ Counterfeit Protection Advanced
100% visual inspection ✔ 100% visual inspection ✔ 100% visual inspection ✔
3:1 and acetone tests ✔ 3:1 and acetone tests ✔ 3:1 and acetone tests ✔
X-ray ✔ X-rays ✔ X-ray ✔
De-Cap ✔ Device De-Cap ✔ Device De-Cap ✔
ACP summary report ✔ HCT Test ✔ HCT Test ✔
D/C testing ✔ D/C testing ✔
Selected A/C testing ✔ Comprehensive set of A/C testing ✔
C of C and ACP summary report ✔ C of C and ACP summary report ✔

We can also provide a unique and comprehensive authenticity testing plan for any component that you already have in stock. Call our team today to discuss this further on 0044 (0) 1264 731009.

SeSemi Electronics has a large quantity of obsolete components in stock on-site, for further details please click here