Thinline Supercapacitors Key FeaturesImage result for cap-xx thinline
● Extremely thin, flexible package (as little as 0.6mm thick)
● The highest power density available today (up to 94kW / litre) and high power output
● Ultra-low ESR (from 45mΩ), even at low temperatures (2x nominal at -40°C)
● High energy density (up to 0.7Wh / litre) and cell voltage (up to 2.75V / cell)
● Wide operating temperature range (from -40°C to +85°C)
● Very low leakage current (typically < 1µA / cell)
● Long cycle life (essentially unlimited) and excellent frequency response
● Environmentally friendly: RoHS, REACH & WEEE compliant, LF & HG free and Conflict metal-free
● UL and ISO 9001-2008 certified

Typical Applications

● Ultra-thin electronic devices, such as active credit cards, RFID tags, beacons and motes, wearable
devices (including medical, fitness and health monitoring systems), mobile phones and many other
wireless products for industrial, consumer and transportation applications. Power to the IoT.

● Peak power for pulsed loads
– Enable the use of small, low power batteries such as thin film and solid state batteries, Lithium,
Silver Oxide and Zinc Air “coin cell” batteries and alkaline batteries.
– Extend battery run-time and cycle life, especially when the battery is “old or cold”.
– Support peak loads such as wireless transmissions, haptic feedback/vibration alerts, GPS location,
display screen refresh, injection and inhalation systems, etc.

● Stored energy for low/variable power sources
– Enable the use of ambient energy harvesting modules, including solar, vibration, RF,
thermoelectric and kinetic.
– Enable ultra-quick charging times for portable devices and process equipment, via cable,
cradle/contacts or induction, maximizing operating time and minimizing downtime.

● Backup power for mission-critical applications
– Provide maintenance-free continuous power to mission-critical devices for graceful shutdown and
“last gasp” transmission.

Product Range
CAP-XX Thinline supercapacitors are available in three sizes. PCB footprints, excluding the aluminium
terminals, are:

● “Z” series: 17.0mm x 19.0mm
● “A” series: 19.5mm x 20.0mm
● “W” series: 28.0mm x 20.2mm

All parts are available in 600µm, 700µm and 900µm versions (thicker cells offer higher C and lower ESR).
All parts are available in “H” series (2.75V, 85°C) versions.
Other special order parts are available in “S” footprint and / or “G” series

CAP-XX Thinline Series Product Guide –

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